BANK CERTIFICATE vs bank STATEMENT: What’s the Difference? Which is needed for Visa Application?

proof of funds, typically called show money, is one of the most common and the most essential requirements in visa applications.

Whether you’re applying for a Korean visa, Japanese visa, UK visa, Canadian visa, Australian visa, or Schengen visa, you will need to submit files that will show that you have the financial implies to support your trip.

Two of the files you can use are bank certificate and bank statement. These are very different documents. but what’s the difference? and which of them can give you better chances of approval?

यस गाईडमा के भयो?

Bank Certificate vs bank Statement
Which is better for visa application?
How to get a bank certificate or bank statement?
How much money ought to I have on my bank account to have my visa application approved?
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Bank Certificate vs bank Statement

A bank certificate is typically a one-page file that certifies that you have an account with that branch. Often, the most recent available balance is indicated. but in some banks, you can request that some details be included.

A bank statement is a comprehensive record of the balance and the transactions on that account within a specified period of time. It includes the amounts deposited into, the amounts withdrawn from, and even the interests gained by that account, and the corresponding dates.

Which is better for visa application?

Embassies have varying sets of requirements that they need visa applicants to meet. What’s better is whatever is required by the embassy. For example:

For Japan visa, only a bank certificate is required.

For Australian visa and Canadian visa, only a bank statement is required.

For Korean visa, Chinese visa, Schengen visa and numerous other visas, BOTH a bank certificate and a bank statement are required.

For bank statements, the number of months to be covered varies. Some embassies need to see the transactions within the past three months (Korea), some four months (Canada), and others six months (Schengen: Greek, Italian, French; China). It’s typically specifically indicated in the list of visa requirements.

However, in many cases, it’s a terrific idea to submit both rather than just one.

How to get a bank certificate or bank statement?

Just head over to your bank and request for it.

Different banks have different rules. For example, in my experience with BDO, I always had to go to the particular branch where I opened my account. I can’t get a bank certificate or bank statement from any other branch.

On the other hand, with BPI, I can get a bank certficate/statement from any of their branch. I don’t need to travel to my main branch to request for it.

Service fees typically apply. try to get a copy of the official receipt too because some embassies require that it be attached to the actual document.

How much money ought to I have on my bank account to have my visa application approved?

We answered that and numerous other questions about show money in this post: show money FOR VISA APPLICATION & IMMIGRATION!

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