Posted: 04/29/14 | April 29th, 2014

There are downsides to long-lasting travel.

The five-hour friends.

The quick relationships.

The solitude that leads to loneliness.

Contrary to what we see on social media, it’s not all rainbows as well as unicorns.

But then nothing ever is.

Despite those occasional downsides, I believe long-lasting travel is something people must try at least when in their life. even if you believe you won’t like it, try it. It will show you a great deal about yourself.

It’s made me a far much better as well as a lot more incredible person, as well as I’ll go to the severe preaching its gospel.

But a couple weeks ago, I came house to nyc as well as produced balance in my life. In discovering that balance, I’ve come to a stark realization: I am no longer a long-lasting traveler.

The believed of costs prolonged time on the road doesn’t fill me with as much enjoyment anymore.

A month or two of solid travel? निश्चित।

त्यो भन्दा बढी? No thanks.

I like having a home. I such as this web site as well as the work included with it. I like having a steady set of friends. I like traveling around the country speaking about travel as well as assisting others.

Spending prolonged time on the road makes it difficult to achieve what I want to make with my life now. whatever suffers if I try to cram in as well much stuff into the work/life/travel mix.

I still dream about travel all the time…literally.

When I’m asleep as well as dreaming, it’s normally about travel. I just recently had such a brilliant dream about losing my passport, I jolted out of bed as well as ran to where it was to make sure it was still there! (थियो।)

Years ago, I wondered if it was possible to travel for as well long. Back then, I didn’t know. I was four years into my travels, as well as the sky was the limit.

Four years later, I believe the response is yes, you can.

At least, I can.

I’ll never provide up travel, however ideal now, prolonged trips are a thing of the past. The road may never end, however now I want an off-ramp as well as a rest station before I continue on it.

Long-term travel fit my way of life for a long time, however while I’m now even a lot more passionate about travel, travel is not the only thing I want from my life.

As I stated last week, there has to be balance.

Maybe one day, I’ll satisfy somebody who will state to me, “Let’s spend five months wandering around Africa!” I’ll look at them as well as say, “Let’s spend six.”

But as I compose this today, I look in the mirror as well as no longer see a long-lasting traveler. I’m just a backpacker, now. A budget plan one.

We get utilized to a specific method of life, as well as it becomes difficult to change. Whether it’s workstation life or life on the road, we determine with something. It becomes part of who we are.

What occurs when I’m not nomadic? What occurs to me?

There’s a quote that says, “A ship is risk-free in harbor, however that’s not what ships are for.”

My harbor is the road. It’s my comfort zone.

But as I soon go into my thirty-third year of living, I no longer cling to that. It’s been two years considering that I composed about “the end of my travels,” however I’ve lastly come to terms with what I composed there.

And I couldn’t be happier.

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