“What are you looking at?” A buddy of mine tapped my shoulder as I increased my camera to catch in the frame one of the buttresses. While everybody else went directly to the nave of the church to see its interiors, I stayed outside as well as stood before its walls.

“The face,” I replied while pointing at the pillar.

“What face?” he said, confused.

I then took a shot as well as showed it to him utilizing my camera. It was clearer when seen from afar or when the picture is condensed smaller. “They state it’s an picture of Padre Pio,” I told him. He let out a whoa that was half in shock as well as half in confusion. next to the church is the museum as well as on one of its walls, one more picture is noticeable, albeit not as apparent as the first.

The Baclayon Church, formally understood as the Church of Our woman of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon, is stated to be the oldest church in Bohol as well as one of the oldest in the country.  It was formally established on November 17, 1596 by Fr. Juan de Torres as well as Fr. Gabriel Sanchez of the Jesuit order. But it was in 1727 that the building we see today was developed by around 200 required laborers. Its walls as well as pillars were made from coral stones.

Baclayon Church Bell Tower
Although Jesuit-built, the Augustinian Recollects installed a more contemporary facade in the 19th century. They likewise added a few buildings around the area surrounding it. just next to the church is a convent. We decided to go inside the convent very first before entering the church to get ahead of as well as prevent the other tourists at the time.

Inside it is a little museum with religious artifacts as well as other antique products on display. a few of the fascinating artifacts inside are the statue of Christ made from ivory as well as a statur of Virgin Mary. You can likewise discover cuadro paintings by Liberato Gatchalian, a Filipino painter. There were likewise centuries-old gold ecclesiastical vestments as well as librettos. I’m sorry I have no photos of these products as picture-taking wasn’t allowed.

The facade of Baclayon Church
A seaside park in front of Baclayon Church
A better look at the miraculous pictures on the walls of Baclayon Church
Aside from the church’s history, one fascinating thing about this church is the mysterious picture of the deal with of a guy on one of its pillars. Some state this is an picture if Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. Padre Pio was a Capuchin priest from Italy as well as in Catholic Church, is venerated as a saint. They state that his picture just mysteriously appeared on one of the pillars of the Baclayon Church. The connection between an Italian saint as well as Bohol is still uncertain to me however it sure makes this location more interesting.

How to get to Baclayon Church: From the Dau Bus terminal in Tagbilaran City, hop into a jeepney going to Baclayon. Ask the driver to decrease you off at the church.

Note: The author does not necessarily believe in the miracles explained in this post. just sharing.

यूट्यूबमा थप सुझावहरू ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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